ALBUM REVIEW: Maroon 5 – Red Pill Blues


Maroon 5 were arguably one of the best modern pop/rock bands in the world. I mean, they did deliver us the absolute monster hits “She Will Be Loved”, “This Love”, “Moves Like Jagger” and “Sugar” which still remain as sing along anthems. But instead of continuing to grow their pop-rock sound they’ve decided to only grow their pop sound. For their sixth studio album they have ditched your traditional instruments and instead have generically made an album of mediocre synth-pop and RNB fusion tracks. Snore. Snore. Snore. “Red Pill Blues” had the potential to be a great album but instead it lacks originality and just attempts to re-create moments that have already charted this year from other artists. The whole time I was listening I was questioning if this was actually an Adam Levine solo record instead because I truly couldn’t hear the other members influence. The one time the band decided to actually make a organic sounding song they decided to make “Closure” which is an 11 minute track. Like no thanks, no one has time for that when the first minute was already average. The strongest moments come from the RNB influenced and mid tempo synth ballad “Wait” and the seductive “Lips On You”. Melodically they just stand out with the slick production and Levine’s captivating vocals that soar through some impressive high notes. They also deliver the absolute bop “Help Me Out” featuring Julia Michaels which does take a couple listens to grow on you but when it does you will be singing and grooving along non stop. But the rest of the album is a snore fest. “Best 4 U”, “Who I Am”, “Whiskey”, “Girls Like You”, “Denim Jacket’ and “Plastic Rose” are all forgettable. They try to experiment with reggae on “Visions” but it doesn’t really work while they deliver good lyrics on “Bet My Heart” but the melody was average. And do I even need to remind you about their lead single “What Lovers Do” which was a complete rip off of Neiked’s “Sexual”. The only reason it was semi-okay and performed well on the charts is that people thought it actually was “Sexual”. This album is really quite the mess. I loved their last record “V” and am one of the few that loved “Overexposed” but now they’ve taken the pop approach too far. Also, it’s a bit sad when the best thing about the album is the live tracks from their last tour which is only available on the digital copies of the record.




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