SINGLE REVIEW: Kota Banks – Holiday



Who is Kota Banks? That was the question everyone was asking on Friday when her new single was sitting at the top of the Spotify New Music Friday playlist. The electronic pop songstress is no stranger to the Australian pop scene after featuring on Moza’s epic track “Empty Streets” as well as writing for many acts. She’s now singed to NLV Records and is the labels first major pop signing. “Holiday” is a cool pop moment that will become the perfect pre-summer anthem. It has this tropical pop beat that perfectly intertwines with its summery lyrics that daydream about escaping your life and running away. “I go to places all night in my head. I know you need me to stay here instead, with you”. The hook is very vibey and will have you instantly moving your hips to the catchy beat. It’s just very feel good and captures that summer vibe perfectly. It’s a future hit so get ready to dance to this a lot over the next couple of months.



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