SINGLE REVIEW:  Vance Joy – Like Gold

like gold

Vance Joy has been touring the same record for the past three years so it was about time that he released some new material. His recent single “Lay It On Me” came just in time for his coveted set at Splendour In The Grass and now he’s following it up with the familiar “Like Gold”. The alternative folk meets pop track hears him reminiscing on a failed relationship with painful imagery of having to let go but not being ready to. It’s going to emotionally connect with anyone who’s had to learn to let go in the past with a few touching lyrics that offer a rare sense of calm. “When you see me, hi. If you need me babe, that’s the way it was, that’s the history”. The only negative thing about this song is that sonically it’s very similar to everything else he’s released over the past couple of years. His songwriting has always been strong, his vocals have always been soothing and the melodies have always been the same. So it would be interesting to hear him grow his production slightly instead of continuously releasing familiar sounds. But otherwise as a standalone song “Like Gold” is a strong track.



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