SINGLE REVIEW: Taylor Swift – Call It What You Want


With her sixth studio album “Reputation” finally being released next week Taylor Swift has dropped the final promo track before the massive release. It’s no secret that the songs from this era haven’t had as big of an impact compared to her previous records and that’s probably got something to do with the questionable experimental production she’s heading towards. Thankfully “Call It What You Want’ channels the synth-pop sound “1989” perfected with a production that is very similar to “You Are In Love”. It’s a lot more relaxed and hears her delivering smoother harmonies. Lyrically the song is a giant easter egg for fans. It features references to so many of her old songs and tells a cute story of genuinely falling in love. “I recall late November holding my breath. Slowly I said, you don’t need to save me but would you run away with me? Yes, would you run away?”. The structure is still a bit different to her usual pop songs but it does show a growth from her as an artist. Out of the four songs released this is my favourite because it’s less “in your face” and more genuine. It’s a bit gooey but isn’t that what you ideally want from Taylor Swift?



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