SINGLE REVIEW: Eves Karydas – There For You


In 2015 Eves The Behavior became a name you couldn’t stop hearing about in the Australian alternative-pop scene. She played some massive festivals and headline shows as well as released an impressive debut EP of experimental and dark tracks. For the past two years she has been working on her follow up release and she’s finally ready to deliver this new sound. “There For You” sees her dropping the stage name and going solely by her real name Eves Karydas which is a bold move after creating such hype behind her old project. Luckily her sound hasn’t drifted too much and has just introduced a more polished pop sound with the production. This is her strongest pop offering yet and channels the soothing vocals of Lana Del Rey in the chorus mixed with the production of Dua Lipa. “No ones going to be there for you like I am. It could be, it could be a waste of time but its gonna be, gonna be worth the fight”. It’s also her most commercially ready track and has strong mainstream potential. It’s super catchy and has the tropical pop vibes that are currently owning pop radio.



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