aly & aj comeback

Earlier this year your favourite sister duo Aly & AJ made a massive comeback and saved pop music after a 10 year hiatus. The experimental synth-pop track “Take Me” heard them heading towards a DIY influenced production and showcased a growth and maturity in their songwriting and artistry. Continuing this new approach their second single “I Know” from their appropriately titled forthcoming EP “Ten Years” will have you falling in love with the duo all over again. Beginning with a pulsating drum beat and oozing 80’s influenced synths the song kicks off sonically where “Take Me” left off. The slightly offbeat DIY rhythm has you instantly intrigued with their smooth vocals offering a dreamy delivery. The chorus then gives you this shiny and polished synth hook that will have you smiling from ear to ear and grooving along to the beat. “I know, you know who’s going to pick you up, who’s going to take you home”. The retro chorus is so 80’s and so DIY garage indie-pop that you can’t help but love it. The drums at the end of the hook adds this cool little after thought that gets stuck in your head and really capitalises on how different this production structure is. From a first listen you will be hooked and loving the direction that their new music is heading towards. It has a heavier synth-pop production and perfectly showcases who they are as artists and as individuals.






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