SINGLE REVIEW: Cyrus – Don’t Let Me Know



Since winning The X Factor Australia in 2015 Cyrus has kept a pretty low profile whilst working on perfecting his sound. He already has two gold accredited singles under his belt with “Stone” and “Keep Talking” but after taking an 18 month hiatus he has bigger plan. “Don’t Let Me Know” is the impressive follow up single to the mediocre “Alone” which failed to make a memorable impact. Experimenting with an edgier sound this new song hears him heading toward a bigger and more mature sound. It channels the electronic RNB sound that is infecting mainstream radio at the moment and taps into a vulnerability that we’ve already heard from him. When you mix these two sounds together you end up with an emotional banger. The oozing synths will have your toes tapping and the slightly heartbreaking but empowering lyrics will have you embracing all the feels. The song looks at understanding negative issues that exist and placing yourself away from those circumstances. It’s mature, relatable and a down right tune. “Hide the truth, rather hear you lying. So when you leave, don’t let me know if you running around and found another lover. Don’t let me know if I’m just not enough for you, babe”. From a first listen you will be hooked and from the second listen you will be quickly singing along. It’s just one of those well produced tracks that you cant help but vibe along too.

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