SINGLE REVIEW: Clean Bandit feat. Julia Michaels – I Miss You


It comes by no surprise that Clean Bandit know how to write a killer pop hook. “Rather Be”, “Symphony” and “Rockabye” are all monster hits and lead a new breed of floorfillers. Their most recent single “Disconnect” saw them teaming up with Marina And The Diamonds for a disappointingly anticlimactic track. But luckily for them they’ve teamed up with Julia Michaels for their next single which has HIT written all over it. “I Miss You” is an emotional dance anthem which hears Julia reflecting on a broken relationship which she’s not completely over yet. She reminisces on memories and thinks about what could’ve been on this very honest song. “And I know we’re not supposed to talk but I’m getting ahead of myself. I get scared when we’re not cause I’m scared you’re with somebody else”. Lyrically its going to be relatable to anyone that has ever gone through a break up because no matter how bad the break up is there is a part of you that does miss a version of them. The production is quite simple and immolates a similar beat to Justin Bieber’s “Friends” which is interesting because Julia also wrote that song. But it begins as a piano ballad and then adds in a brit-pop dance beat that has a very commanding percussion and rhythmic feel. It grows on you with each listen and is undoubtedly going to be another smash hit for Clean Bandit and Julia Michaels. But the only criticism I have is that Clean Bandit’s presence is a bit weak and that Julia takes command and you would quickly mistake it for a solo lead track of hers.



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