EP REVIEW: Phoebe Ryan – James


Phoebe Ryan is our favourite green haired songstress and her recent singles “Forgetting All About You” and “Be Real’ have been some of the most honest and relatable tracks of 2017. Her storytelling is blunt and to the point and I love that. She doesn’t hide how she really feels by using crazy metaphors and instead just tells it like it is. “Every afternoon I’m stoned as shit, higher than the moon. Not wearing pants, laughing at cartoons. it’s super fun, forgetting all about you”. These songs had a real DIY vibe to them with polished synths and lots of layering instead of a clean cut pop production. But the rest of the EP is a bit forgettable. “Aspirin” strips it back with a doo-woop meets RNB styled production. It’s sensual but could’ve been a lot more impactful. “James Has Changed” is lyrically brilliant. It stemed from a bad dream she had where she was dating this guy and he just broke up with her and left without an explanation. It’s written so well but the production is a bit flat. It continues the doo-woop feel with a pop polish. The strongest track out of the new material is “Should I”. The pulsating synth-pop song is another fantastically written track and the production is so fresh and groovy. “Should I call you baby? Baby, should I call? Or baby, should I call you a friend?”. It perfectly captures that awkward in between when you’re not sure how to define yourself and someone that you’ve been seeing. It’s a bop. I just wish the rest of the new material was as good. But this EP does have it’s moments and really showcases how strong her songwriting is.




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