EP REVIEW: MO – When I Was Young


I’ve been impatiently requesting that we get a collection of new MO music sooner than later after what has been a continuous cycle of drip feed singles for two years. And finally my wish came true. The Danish songstress has dropped a surprise EP of brand new material including the beat heavy and rhythmic lead single “When I Was Young”. Sadly that is where the great material starts and finishes with the remaining 5 tracks delivering forgettable electronic alt-pop. “Roots” channels the likes of Lana Del Rey with this minimalistic track that focuses on her sultry vocals before delivering an experimental dance beat towards the end of the song. “Turn My Heart To Stone” hears her revisiting the sound that her debut album cemented but instead of being a knockout track it sounds like a b-side that should’ve remained on the cutting room floor. “Linking With You” embraces her new dance-pop influenced sound with a festival ready beat breakdown that will be a good addition to her live set. “BB” is annoyingly forgettable whilst “Run Away” brings back the Lana Del Rey production but fails to leave you feeling impacted. It’s a mediocre at best collection of tracks that makes you question why it took nearly 3 years for her to release this material. Also that sonically they are quite different to the singles that she has been releasing during this time. “When I Was Young” is the perfect lead single and centre piece of this EP as it’s nostalgic, fresh and captivating. You can hear the confidence in her vocals and the growth in her production skills but I just wish the rest of the material was a reflection of how strong this song is.


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