SINGLE REVIEW: Jacob Whitesides – Killing Me

jacob whitesides

Last year Jacob Whitesides impressed with his diverse and mature debut album “Why” that showcased a raw and strong talent. For his forthcoming sophomore record he’s changing it up and experimenting with a dark and sensual sound. “Killing Me” is the official lead single and hears him growing once again as an artist and delivering a sound you really didn’t expect from him. Beginning with a moody beat while his vocals croon through the first verse and pre chorus he creates a real sense of mystery. He then drops a gritty synth lead hook which elevates the electronic elements of this track and will instantly have you wanting to groove along. It’s very seductive and has this strong sensual charge to his vocal delivery. Halfway through he breaks it down with a DIY instrumental break that really shows how far his production has come. Lyrically the track looks at a toxic relationship and how the only good thing about it is the intense passion. “I hate all the fussing and fighting, til we take it to the room and ignite. It’s killing me, killing me, get it? ya killing me”. This song is truly not like anything he has ever released before and it is a really exciting direction which will continue to hear him sonically grow as an artist and I can’t wait to hear what’s next because this song is a TUNE.




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