SINGLE REVIEW: Taylor Swift – Gorgeous

So, Taylor Swift has released a new song from her upcoming sixth studio album and to be honest it’s a bit of a mess. “Gorgeous” hears the songstress delivering one of her most pop (and most annoying) hooks to date. I would love to be able to just say that I love it and that she’s a queen but this era is a ridiculous mess. The song begins with a beat that is similar to the last two tracks with its heavy RNB influence. Her vocals have almost become monotonous doing the verses and I just wish there was more personality shown. The bridge elevates it slightly but then the chorus delivers a cringeworthy hook that made me want to press skip instantly. It’s whingy and just plain annoying and I don’t know how else to better explain it. The lyrics are gimmicky and cute and slightly make you like the song purely because she’s gushing over someone instead of ripping into them. “You’re so gorgeous, I can’t say anything to your face cause look at your face. And I’m so furious at you for making me feel this way but, what can I say? You’re gorgeous”. But it just doesn’t go anywhere production wise and I was constantly waiting for her to blow me away but instead I ended up watching the timer countdown to the end of the song. However a brief brilliant moment came along in the bridge when she delivered the killer line; “Guess I’ll just stumble on home to my cats alone, unless you wanna come along”. It was a gimmicky and smart lyrical inclusion which is going to become one of the most quoted lyrics on this record. So far we’ve heard her be so bold, daring and completely different to ever before but I’m hoping soon we will hear that vulnerable and emotional side of her that has always made us re-fall in love with her.



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    I somewhat agree the each song surprises me of this new CD. I can hear some similarities to her previous music and at least this one does not have bluntness to it as Look What You made Me Do. However, I still hope that the rest of the cd is more like her previous ones. Of course, I know songwriter’s/artists have to grow and keep things fresh and current, but that does not mean she should change her style. We know she is a talent and all her Cd’s all have several songs as hits not just one or two. I still am partial to her country and previous pop cd’s. In my opinon, she will stay sing and write better than most(no all pop artists) of today, where can’t understand or their voice sounds to technical. So hear’s hoping to some old/new good music on the rest of the CD.

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