SINGLE REVIEW: Rita Ora – Anywhere


Rita Ora is an underrated pop queen. She truly deserves better recognition because the girl knows how to release a bop. I’m never going to get over the fact that “I Will Never Let You Down” was snubbed from the number one spot on the charts and decent radio play when it truly deserved it. But I’m trying to move on and I’m slowly accepting it after her most recent single “Your Song” actually received the attention it deserved and now she’s ready to do it all over again. “Anywhere” is the strongest pop track out this week and for many reasons but mainly because it’s a pure bop. It starts off a bit slow with just a dreamy synth production and finger snaps before thickening out for the chorus. She then drops this funky beat drop mid chorus that is so gay that it’s perfect. It’s euphoric, fun and perfectly captures that hopeless lovestruck mindset. Lyrically the songs explores falling in love and being willing to do anything for them. “I know we’ve got to get away someplace where no one knows our name. We’ll find the start of something new, just take me anywhere”. On a first listen I was hooked but by a second and third listen I was in love. It’s the perfect commercial radio hit she needs to live up to the hype “Your Song” created for her again. But can she just hurry up and release the album already because the five year wait has been way too long.



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