SINGLE REVIEW: Liam Payne – Bedroom Floor

bedroom floor

I never thought the day would come that both Taylor Swift and Liam Payne released a new song and that I would prefer Liam Payne’s track over Taylor Swift’s. But it happened. Taylor’s new song is an absolute mess but Liam Payne has impressed with a mature electronic RNB-pop moment called “Bedroom Floor”. The song is a massive step up from the cringeworthy “Strip That Down” that somehow remained in the charts for an excessively long time. It’s cheeky, seductive and fun. It looks at a break up where they’ve gone their seperate ways and she’s running her mouth about him however she keeps going back to spend the night with him. “You said it was over but your clothes say different on my bedroom floor”. For the production he incorporates a tropical pop beat that has been used quite a bit in music recently but it works for this song and I prefer it over the RNB mess he tried to originally introduce us to. The chorus is euphorically catchy and you won’t be able to stop yourself from bopping along straight away.


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