SINGLE REVIEW: Chris Brown – Confidence


So apparently Chris Brown has decided that now would be the perfect time to release a 40 track album. Yes, he’s actually “compiled’ 40 songs from his most recent recording sessions and is releasing what will be his eighth studio album on October 31. A bit of an absurd concept when none of the singles or promo tracks have charted well or gained any decent traction. “Confidence” has been released as one of the final promotional tracks before the release and it’s a mediocre RNB song. It channels a beat you would expect on a Drake track and while it’s not bad, its not amazing either. It’s just something that you’ve heard before. Lyrically it explores a no strings attached arrangement and its a bit seductive but production wise and vocally he doesn’t pull off that sex appeal you would want. It’s a bit predictable and when you have 39 other tracks about to come out you would want every single one of them to be incredible to justify why you couldn’t cut it down to at least 20. But apparently maybe he has too much confidence because this song may just indicate some snooze worthy material is on the horizon.




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