LIVE REVIEW: Alex The Astronaut – Black Bear Lodge

alex the astro

Alex The Astronaut is a name you don’t want to forget. She’s becoming a regular on festival line ups across the country, she’s getting a lot of airplay on Triple J and is even receiving some impressive overseas exposure. Her second EP “See You Soon” has just been released and hears the singer/songwriter delivering some of her most honest material yet. She kicked off her first headlining tour in Brisbane to a sold out crowd at Black Bear Lodge joined by locals Clea and Jordan Merrick. The packed room welcomed Alex on stage with a massive cheer as she launched straight into fan favourite “William and Georgia”. It quickly become apparent that she is quite the character and is genuinely funny. She had the crowd laughing, captivated, in awe and nearly in tears multiple times throughout the night. “Reflector”, “Rockstar City” and “What Sydney Looks Like In June” induced early crowd singalongs. She then had the crowd in hysterics before “Holes In The Story” when she explained Paul Kelly (who she adores) heard that song and was like, “I love her music but she stole the chords from one of my song”. So she jokingly said she’s gonna get sued but luckily Paul was a fan and let it slide. She then fittingly followed that track up with her Triple J Like A Version performance of Paul Kelly’s “If I Could Start Today Again”. The mood then shifted when she performed a beautiful new track called “Banksia” in memory of a friend who passed away two weeks ago in a car crash. The whole crowd was silent, appreciative and in awe of this vulnerable moment. She then continued the show with “New York”, “Northern Boulevard” which was dedicated to her american friends, the hilariously brilliant “Not Cool” and the coming out anthem “Not Worth Hiding”. Thanking the crowd for coming along to the first show of her first headlining tour she closed the impressive set with “Already Home” and “I Believe In Music”. It was just her on stage with an acoustic guitar and for the full hour Alex had everyone in the venue’s complete attention. Her voice is quite unique and has this interesting tone that instantly captivates you and has you soaking in every lyric. But the major thing that shined through the set was her impressive way of storytelling from the lyrics to her little anecdotes and jokes between songs. So yeah, Alex The Astronaut is not a name you want to forget anytime soon.




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