SINGLE REVIEW: Tonight Alive – Temple


Australian pop-rock favourites Tonight Alive have just surprisingly announced that their fourth studio album “Underworld” will be finally released in January 2018. Kinda exciting, right? Well the even more exciting news is that they have a new single and it’s really good. “Temple” hears the now four piece heading back to their roots with heavy guitars, distortion and emotionally angsty lyrics. But then the chorus unleashes this big pop-rock moment that elevates the song to arena ready status. Production wise the hook reminds me of UK band Fickle Friends with their playful indie pop-rock choruses and distinctive sound. But this conjunction of sounds really works for Tonight Alive. Its not as pop directed as some of the material on their previous record but it’s also not completely like their old material because they have grown a lot as artists. Lyrically the song explores dealing with mental struggles even while understanding that our bodies are temples. “I do not think you heard me when I said my body is a temple. Tell me why it hurts like, why it hurts like hell. Help me please I could not be more desperate”. It’s an emotionally raw and relatable song that is going to continue to see the band relate to more and more people on a bigger scale. It’s a super catchy track that will grow on you with each listen and have you singing along to that hook instantly.



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