SINGLE REVIEW: Safia – Cellophane Rainbow


SAFIA are one of Australia’s most exciting acts. They have been on my radar ever since opening for Lorde in 2014 and have continued to grow as a band musically with the release of their impressive debut album “Internal” last year. Since it’s release they have been touring non stop spreading their colourful electronic pop vibes across the country. They’ve just finished a run of dates with the touring festival Listen Out and to celebrate they’ve dropped a new single. “Cellophane Rainbow” is an interesting departure from their previous material and hears them heading toward a psychedelic production that is reminiscent of Tame Impala. The track is constructed by abstract synths and NASA intercom samples. The idea is brilliant but the delivery is underwhelming. I expected it to be this mind-blowing trip of musical visuals but instead it’s a bit flavourless and not as captivating as previous singles. It’s definitely a track that COULD grow on you after a few listens but that is a big maybe. It is a song that makes a lot more sense in their live show but as a standalone track it’s just forgettable.




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