SINGLE REVIEW: Jessie Reyez – Phone Calls


It truly confuses me that more people aren’t talking about Jessie Reyez. Her debut EP is one of my favourite releases of the year because of its brutal honesty and musical versatility. Not only did she tackle hip-hop and pop but she stripped it down with acoustic RNB influences on the smash single “Figures” and then gave an empowering pop moment on “Great One”. And do I even need to make comment on how strong and memorable her raps were? For the follow up single to her debut EP “Kiddo” she returns to her hip hop roots to give you a strong and fiesty track. “Phone Calls” is dedicated to the people who started to act different around her since she’s started to gain success and is about respecting the people who have always been there for her no matter what. “A lot of these dick-riders finna change. I don’t even got one, now I’m getting brains. I don’t even got one, now I’m getting ratings. Bitch you just a little late so please step to the side”. It’s an empowering and “fuck you” esq track that doesn’t come across petty but instead sees her taking charge and showing these fake people in her life exactly how she feels. The basic hip-hop beat allows her flow to come through gradually and allows her to focus more on the lyrical and vocal delivery. It will instantly have you captivated and pushing replay again and again. She is an artist that has an incredible amount of raw talent and is continually going to grow and she’s only getting started.




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