Daya is severely underrated. Her polished synth pop saw her debut album standing out as a mature collection of breakthrough material. A year later the Pittsburgh songstress has finally released the lead single from her forthcoming sophomore record and impressively see her growing as an artist. The dreamy electronic pop track is a step up production wise from her debut. It’s a bit more experimental and has a cool beat drop that isn’t your typical generic pop-dance fusion. It’s grittier and more mature. The lyrics are honest and combine this euphoric feeling of being in love with someone mixed with being heartbroken because you said goodbye to them. “I’m missing you, what the hell did I do, did I do. Messing with someone new thinking I wanted to. Turns out I don’t want new, I want you”. While the synths may be grittier the production does have a good pop polish because of the mastering which helps make it have a euphoric vibe. It will make you want to dance around and cry in a corner at the same time and I mean why wouldn’t you want to experience those two emotions at once.








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