SINGLE REVIEW: Kiiara – Wishlist


Kiiara’s musical style is very eclectic and over the past two years we have seen her grow and evolve as an artist. Dabbling between electropop, trap and RNB she continues to intrigue with her production while still evoking raw emotion through her lyrical delivery. Her new single “Wishlist” slightly strips it back to her roots with a simple piano that adds a dark beat coated with a pop finish. Her vocal delivery along with the DIY production is quite similar to the material that Selena Gomez has recently been putting out and that’s not a bad thing at all. It’s a very mature sound that also has massive commercial potential. The song looks at realising your feelings for someone, constantly fantasising over them and having them become the top of your wishlist. “You’ll be number one on my wishlist, get money like tuition, get diamonds big as bricks is. You’ll be number one on my wishlist”. While it’s stripped down production wise it still has that trap lyrical structure that “Dopemang” introduced. Instantly you will be digging the vibes of this song and pressing replay. It’s very different to her previous two singles but still holds onto the essence that is Kiiara.





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