SINGLE REVIEW: Peking Duk feat. Icona Pop – Let You Down


When pressing play I really was expecting a monster electronic pop track. After all Peking Duk and Icona Pop have respectively released some of the biggest songs over the past couple years and they both know how to write EPIC hooks. However instead what we received was a basic formula of average beats and an anti-climatic hook. “Let You Down” sees Peking Duk re-using their classic beat drop that they’ve used for nearly every one of their singles. Yes, it is euphoric but how many times can they use it before we all just get bored? That moment has come. But they surprisingly take the lead vocals duties for the song and salty their “Chainsmokers” vocal vibe just isn’t cutting it for me. Then Icona Pop come in to try save the day but their vocals are autotuned, levelled low and barely have a significant impact. The heartbreak track is produced to give you an euphoric, upbeat feeling and it does succeed at that. “So don’t love me, run away. I only fuck this up and let you down. So leave now, oh don’t you follow me. It’s too late, I only chew you up and spit you out, So leave now, so leave now, I let you down”. The beat drop is fun but again it’s just what we’ve heard over and over again from them and all I want is something a little more experimental. I’m sorry to be cliche but yes Peking Duk you HAVE let us down this time around.





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