SINGLE REVIEW: Mallrat – Better


“Better” is a new direction for the self proclaimed “Hannah Montana of the rap game”. It hears Mallrat heading towards a shinier pop sound that could finally see her breaking through the mainstream market. Her debut EP “Uninvited” was an impressive collection of awkwardly brilliant indie-pop meets rap meets electronic tracks. Over the past year she’s grown a lot as an artist with her live show improving substantially and she’s been writing some big songs that are sure to catapult her career. Within the opening bars it’s already quickly noted that “Better” is going to be very different to anything we’ve heard from her before just with the strumming of a guitar. Her shy and soft vocal delivery shines through the first verse before transforming into this confidently sweet delivery for the chorus. The innocent track looks at falling in love and the unexplainable happiness that over takes your body. “And the sun was in my eyes, all this hope is in the sky. Things I couldn’t ask for anything, you’re always on my side”. The production during the chorus is so euphoric and will instantly have you smiling from ear to ear with your toe tapping along to the beat. It’s a track that will grow on you with each listen and will get stuck in your head with it’s gooey and catchy hook. It succeeds at just making you super happy and you’ll find yourself feeling giggly after listening to iteven if you aren’t in love. It shows a massive growth in her songwriting, production and vocal delivery and proves that she is an artist that deserves your attention.





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