SINGLE REVIEW: Louis Tomlinson – Just Like You

just like you

So it finally happened, Louis Tomlinson actually released a good song. The EX One Direction member struggled to deliver something memorable with the painfully average “Just Hold On” and “Back For You” which both had massive potential. Previously his vocal production sounded budget and heard him come across a bit nasally and whiny. For his new promotional single “Just Like You” he steps up his game with a clean delivery. This simple pop track is a gift to his fans and explores the concept that we have embedded in our brains that celebrities are so different from us. When in fact they are human, they feel the same things as everyone but they just have different circumstances. “I’m just like you even though my problems look nothing like yours do. Yeah I get sad too and when I’m down I need somebody to talk to”. The relatable track impresses with it’s simplicity. The chorus welcomes a basic tropical beat drop that doesn’t feel too over the top and perfectly compliments his clean vocal delivery. It’s a song that could’ve easily become a ballad on a One Direction record but it suits the electronic vibe he’s trying to go towards with his solo music. It’s not a smash hit like songs from Harry Styles, Zayn or Niall Horan but its the strongest track we’ve heard from him that sees him evolving as an artist.



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