SINGLE REVIEW: Fickle Friends – Hard To Be Myself

There’s just something about Fickle Friends. I’m a sucker for their infectious indie-pop that is injected with slick electronic synths and catchy hooks. Hailing from Brighton in the UK, this captivating five piece have been on my radar since the release of their debut EP “Velvet” in 2015. Over time they have evolved as a band and have increasingly incorporated a heavier electric synth sound to their material.

They are currently on tour to support their recent EP, but that hasn’t stopped them from releasing another new song. “Hard To Be Myself” hears them taking a more pop directed focus with slick synths and sleek harmonies. The track looks at crushing on someone and not being able to be totally yourself around them because you’re afraid of getting hurt. It’s about letting your defences down and letting them into your world which is easier said than done so sometimes it’s easer to do it wth some liquid courage. “Do you cure the nervousness? cause every word you say, I’m thinking less”.

This is definitely the most “pop” that we’ve heard the band be with less of a indie approach to their production. It’s very carefree, fun and will have you feeling all giggly and ready to dance. Fickle Friends are a must watch band and yet again they have proved why with this little bop.

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