SINGLE REVIEW: Jessie J – Not My Ex

jessie j

The lead up to Jessie J’s fourth studio album “R.O.S.E” has been an anti-climatic journey. Lead single “Think About That” was a complete snore while promo single “Real Deal” was an embarrassing mess. But she’s trying to reignite the spark with her second single “Not My Ex” but the mid-tempo RNB jam fails to make the impact. Out of the three songs this track is definitely the strongest. With a simple rhythmic beat and guitar chords this song breezes through a moody production offering a mature approach. She explores obsession and falling in love again after having your heart broken which is a painful and strange experience. “I know I can be trouble, lord knows that it’s hard. It won’t be simple and I’ll give you my heart. Just remember, I’m not your ex”. While this new sound is meant to be simple and a return to her original pre-pop game roots she seems to have forgotten how to write a decent hook. This song is just bland and boring and doesn’t hold your attention the way it should. Her vocals are incredible and have always been but she can only rely on them for so long. Lyrically the song is brilliant with its raw honesty but sadly that’s about it.




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