ALBUM REVIEW: Chase Atlantic – Chase Atlantic

chase atlantic

After drip feeding their debut album over the course of the year by releasing three EP’s Chase Atlantic are finally ready to give it to you in its entirety. Their self titled record is an experimental collection of indie-rock meets RNB meets electronic indie-pop synths. It’s a diverse and mature sound that channels the likes of The 1975 and The Weeknd with their unique structures. The band has grown a lot over the years and this record showcases their strength in production and lyrics. They have taken six of the strongest tracks from the three EP’s and featured them on the track list while surprisingly offering 8 new tracks which don’t disappoint.  Opening with the fiery and seductive “Into It” you are immediately met with moody synths and straight forward lyrics.  “But I’m into it, I’m into it. Say she wanna fuck me later, girl I’m into it”. They then give you the more pop inclined “Cassie” which was an instant fan favourite from the “Part 2 EP”. But then the album launches into some new material with the hip-hop tinged “The Walls’, “Consume”, “Ozone” and “Swim” which are a bit anti-climatic with their average and cringeworthy delivery. “Dancer In The Dark”, “Okay” and “Angeline” incorporates glossy and groovy synths to give you a sound which is similar to the “Part 1 EP” and suits their vibe a lot better. “23” and “Drugs & Money” were two of my least favourite tracks from the EP’s so seeing them feature on the album instead of “Right Here” was a but disappointing. But “Keep It Up” makes an appearance with it’s distinctive groovy trumpets and soulful vocals which makes you slightly miss their pre-RNB sound. “Triggered” emerges from dark synths and a lion roar which hears lead vocalist Mitchell Cave crooning through the first verse before launching into the giant chorus. This is still one of their strongest songs and I’m going to find it hard for anything to beat it. But then I heard album closer “Uncomfortable” and now I’m second guessing my comment. “I’m not comfortable. No, I just can’t seem to feel at all”. This track perfectly closes the album as it blends the mood, attitude and emotion that they’ve been trying to perfect the whole record. It’s not over produced or doesn’t come across too confident, it’s just real.

Chase Atlantic have built this debut record over the past couple of years and in the final product they’ve shown an impressive growth as a band. While their RNB/Hip-Hop influenced sound is a bit over the top and create some skippable moments their strengths lie in the indie-rock and you will find yourself vibing to the majority of these tracks.




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