SINGLE REVIEW: Sam Smith – Pray 


After the underwhelming reception to his anti-climatic lead single “Too Good At Goodbyes” Sam Smith has decided to already release the next single from his forthcoming sophomore record “The Thrill Of It All”. Taking a slightly more rhythmic direction “Pray” hears him experimenting like we’ve never heard him before. This is unsurprisingly because it’s been co-produced by Timbaland who has injected some RNB beats into the production. While these rhythmic beats offer a new dimension to his sound he also holds onto his roots with a gospel angle that soars during the chorus. The song looks at him learning to cope with his new fame and heartbreak through accepting that it’s okay to pray even though he doesn’t really associate himself as religious. I have never believed in you, no, but I’m gonna pray”. It’s a really honest track that impresses with it’s shift in production. “I’m down on my knees, I’m beggin’ you, please. I’m broken, alone, and afraid. I’m not a saint, I’m more of a sinner. I don’t wanna lose, but I fear for the winners”. This really should have been the lead single because it is a lot more impactful than the predictable “Too Good At Goodbyes” which just sounded like every Sam Smith song ever. His roots are still there but the RNB tinge is effective in giving you something memorable. It’s not groundbreaking like “Stay With Me” but it’s a good track.




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