SINGLE REVIEW: Rachel Platten – Perfect For You

Waves 2

Rachel Platten’s debut album “Wildfire” was a collection of strong adult pop with empowering lyrics and radio ready hooks. But for her forthcoming sophomore record “Waves” the Californian songstress is going towards a more experimental sound while still delivering those feel good moments. “Perfect For You” picks up where the synth injected self empowerment track “Broken Glass” ended. Exploring the value of your own self worth and not letting someone walk all over you this track sees her taking control in a crumbling relationship. “And it’s true, I can’t seem to shake it loose cause all this insecurity’s hurting me tighter trying to be perfect for you”. The production is a lot groovier with a pulsating baseline which incorporates a tropical synth and will have you instantly bopping along. While this production is a lot more elaborate compared to her previous material we aren’t hearing her sacrifice her vocals with room for her to showcase her diva worthy high notes. This song sees Rachel Platten growing a lot as an artist and while she still holds onto her important roots she’s growing and evolving with an experimental and important production shift which no longer seems cheesy or predictable. This record is already shaping up to be one fiery listen.




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