SINGLE REVIEW: P!nk – Whatever You Want


Next week P!nk will finally unleash her new album “Beautiful Trauma” into the world but before she does she wants to offer you one final promo track. “Whatever You Want” is a departure from the dance pop and attitude filled material we’ve heard so far from this record. The song begins with a similar melody to “What About Us” while the production goes back to the pop-rock mid tempo ballads you are used to from her with a polished finish. The lyrics are dark yet gorgeous where she confesses about some problems in her relationship but being confident they will always make it through. “I feel like our ship’s going down tonight but it’s always darkest before the light and that’s enough for me to try”. While the chorus is impactful and offers a really powerful lyrical and vocal delivery I can’t help but feel this song is a bit mediocre compared to rest of her discography. It didn’t give me the same goosebump feeling that “Try” or “Sober” gave me on a first listen and still hasn’t grown on me. It’s a song that you wouldn’t turn off if it came on but you also wouldn’t go out of your way to listen to.

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