SINGLE REVIEW: Muki – Friends Don’t Make Out


Australian newcomer Muki impressed with her K-POP influenced debut single “Sassaparilla” where she fused her electronic pop sound with some Korean dance pop elements. After receiving a strong response to the infectious track and touring the country with Client Liaison she is ready for single number two. “Friends Don’t Make Out” continues this cheeky and playful sound with a more pop injected sound that overpowers the K-POP vibes that are still hanging on. For this track she questions the age old theory that friends don’t make out. I want to dispute this because we have all had blurry drunken nights out where friends definitely do make out and do we regret it? Yes but thats just life right? Anyways she gets all cheeky and friend zones this boy with a fiery chorus that will have you dancing instantly. “You have glitter in your teeth and electric lips. Baby I’m no fool, and the last time I checked friends don’t make out”. The production is very tight and gives you familiar beats to her previous single with more of a polished effect. It’s catchy, it will grow on you and will have you wanting her to release more music so you can dance more.




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