SINGLE REVIEW: Maroon 5 feat. Julia Michaels – Help Me Out


Maroon 5 will finally be releasing their sixth studio album “Red Pill Blues” on November 3 and with the disappointing promo singles so far I’m not really excited by this news. And what a surprise their new single that they’ve just dropped to coincide with the album announcement is average too. “Help Me Out” should be a banger and a landslide hit single because it features pop newcomer and songwriter extraordinaire Julia Michaels but it just isn’t. The offbeat pop tracks hears the band continuing the sound where they don’t sound like an actual band and instead just sounds like an Adam Levine solo project. The song looks at craving someone in your life to just be there for you to get you up when you’re down. “I need some temporary saving, I need some, some uncomplicated. Help me out cause I don’t wanna do this on my own, Help me out. Help me out cause I need something up to calm me down”. Julia’s vocal delivery is the best thing about the song with her breathy and relaxed style that has you wishing this was just her song and didn’t feature Adam Levine at all. At times the beat feels a bit lazy and could’ve done with an extra element to take the song to a higher level. Instead it just floats in the realm of mediocre and I’m not really surprised at all.





2 Replies to “SINGLE REVIEW: Maroon 5 feat. Julia Michaels – Help Me Out”

  1. Awesome review i agree the best thing about the song is Julia’s vocals she is amazing but the song and the beat is generally good

  2. Why does every song off this album feature another artist? Can’t they just be Maroon 5?? I don’t get it and not sure I am eager for this release either.

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