SINGLE REVIEW: Charlie Puth – How Long


Charlie Puth had a lucky breakthrough in 2015 with the catchy (and annoying) lead single “Marvin Gaye” from his critically panned debut album “Nine Track Mind”. He later restored the faith with the honest and mature “We Don’t Talk Anymore” which saw him re-entering the charts again. For his sophomore record “Voice Notes” he is going towards a funkier sound that shows his growth as an artist. Lead single “Attention” welcomed this sound while “How Long” continues and further adapts this directional change. Beginning with some hand claps similar to “Uptown Funk” Puth croons his way through the first verse with a funky and smooth production. The chorus then launches into a slick and electronic influenced hook with a groovy baseline. The melody is slightly similar to “Attention” and while it’s only a minor similarity it is still very noticeable. The track looks at an ex-girlfriend questioning Puth’s loyalty after she finds him cheating. “How long has this been goin’ on? You’ve been creepin’ round on me while you’re callin’ me baby”. It’s a bit scandalous but it’s also a lot of fun. I really didn’t expect to love this new era from Charlie Puth but these ridiculously catchy bops are making it hard not to.




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