SINGLE REVIEW: Nicole Millar – Blindfolded

nicole millar

This is Nicole Millar’s moment. Since her breakthrough featuring on Peking Duk’s massive track “High” Nicole Millar has had a struggle fully connecting with listeners on her solo material. Her two EP’s have been hit and miss collections of average experimental pop that had their impressive moments but were riddled with production flaws. However her new single has finally go it right. “Blindfolded” is a big Australian pop moment that hears her reintroducing herself to listeners as a pop star. The track looks at communication issues between two love interests where he is leaving her in the dark and all she’s asking for is some honesty. “I get it, I’m sorry. I thought that we would be so honest we promised. Don’t stay mad at me”. The production is super impressive and further explores the electronic pop sound she welcomed on her last EP “Communication”. However she takes it to a new level with a further polished hook and a cheeky little beat drop that should guarantee some radio airplay. After all it deserves it, this song is ridiculously catchy and grows on you with each listen. And did I mention it’s a banger?





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