SINGLE REVIEW: Eilish Gilligan – Creature Of Habit

Eilish Gilligan single art

Melbourne songstress Eilish Gilligan is becoming an artist you really should get familiar with. Her previous tracks “The Feeling” and “Here” have received some exciting attention from Triple J with her live show captivating crowds with her unique storytelling and visuals. Her third single “Creature Of Habit” is a MASSIVE alt-pop moment that hears her perfecting that giant chorus you were waiting for from her on her previous two singles. Musically somewhere between Lorde, Bat For Lashes and Banks this song embodies pure emotion with a sense of mystery that her previous songs have alluded to. Her vocals are powerful but also share this unique vulnerability that make lines like “I’d be lying if I said I knew where I was going where I was going with you” feel so intimate. The production is bold and has experimental moments of synth layering and harmonies that remind me slightly of Maggie Rogers. This is easily Gilligan’s strongest track as a solo artist yet and if you’re unsure who she is then maybe it’s about time you discover her because this song is the perfect introduction to her unique and experimental sound.




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