EP REVIEW: Gabrielle Aplin – Avalon


The evolution of Gabrielle Aplin as an artist has been interesting to watch. From her emotionally raw piano ballads on her debut “English Rain” to the gritty guitar lead sophomore record “Light Up The Dark” she has always showcased an honest vulnerability. For her new EP “Avalon” she reinvents herself yet again to a heavier synth productions which is a growth from the electronic pop sound she experimented with on her last EP “Miss You”. These four tracks are a lot bolder and polished making them completely different to anything else she’s ever done before. “Waking Up Slow” is the underrated anthem which truly deserved more justice on the charts and radio. The euphoric track looked at appreciating life for what it is and focusing on the positives which is a message the world needs right now. The chorus is infectious and if it doesn’t have you gushing and wanting to spin around dancing then I question your honesty. The EP then takes a more personal approach with some honest heart break bops. “Say Nothing” is a future hit waiting to be released with it’s giant hook. “Say something to make me stay but you say nothing”. The production is vibrant and has a very cool synth breakdown which is quite unique and doesn’t concur to the standard Chainsmokers or Zedd formula. She then returns to her roots briefly on the experimental folk meets dance track “Used To Do”. There is a distinctive acoustic guitar and strong drums which shine through this glittery production and for any fan of her previous material this song will stand out the most because it’s the best of both worlds. The heartfelt lyrics look at a failed relationship where she’s holding onto hope of them rekindling. “Can you hear me? Tell me that you feel it too, do you still know me like you used to do”. Whilst the final song “Stay” carries on the alternative indie-pop delivery she offers a glossy production. This is more the sound you expected from her compared to the first two dance anthems. She confesses to herself that she knows that she can’t go back to the relationship and finally put’s the guy in his place. “Did you think I’d stay? But you should turn the other way cause I’m never going back again”. It’s a perfect full circle piece of accepting the world, falling in love, experiencing heart break and reflecting on how to grow from it. Whilst this EP may be musically drastic compared to anything she’s ever done before this is also one of the strongest we’ve heard her as an artist. She’s made a giant risk and it’s paid off. The only negative thing about this release is that there is only 4 songs to listen to and I already want more.

“Avalon” will be officially released on October 6 



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