ALBUM REVIEW: Alex Lahey – I Love You Like A Brother


The release of Alex Lahey’s debut album has been a long time coming. After releasing her breakthrough EP “B-Grade University” Lahey hasn’t stopped touring. She’s played shows and festivals all over Australia as well as recently hitting the American touring market. Her debut album “I Love You Like A Brother” hears her perfecting her quirky alternative rock with crunching guitars and pop injected hooks. Album opener “Everyday’s The Weekend” is the perfect introduction to this sound as it embodies all the elements that make her music so unique and will have you instantly singing along to the anthemic hook. The title track “I Love You Like A Brother” then launches into a more traditional rock production with some really quirky lyrics that will quickly become a favourite in her live set. And then she will have you feeling for her during “Perth Traumatic Stress Disorder” where she confesses about a painful heartbreak. “Perth is lucky that she’s pretty otherwise I hate that city, the only place my heart has been torn in two”. But the records standout moment comes from the very important “I Haven’t Been Taking Care Of Myself”. The self discovery song explores the idea that if you don’t feel good about yourself then you are going to get off on the wrong foot with someone else. So it’s important to look after yourself. With a steady drum beat and a pulsating guitar riff the verses deliver a sound that we’ve become accustomed to. The hook then captivates you with bashing drums and shredding guitars with brutally honest lyrics that will get stuck in your head instantly. “Backpack” offers an alternative pop guitar delivery with a cool solo towards the end of the song which isn’t too brash. “Awkward Exchange” and “Let’s Call It A Day” continue the alternative pop-rock production with catchy “woah woah’s” while “I Want You” throws back to a rockabilly influenced melody.

Closing the album is the stripped down “There’s No Money” which is the intimate moment you were waiting for. Lyrically it is still as strong and raw as the rest of the album but instead of shredding guitars it shows another vulnerability with the melody and harmonies. As a whole this record is very impressive. At only 10 songs long I found myself wanting more but that’s the better way to be instead of complaining it’s too long or that it had a lot of album filler. Every track could be a single and has it’s own unique hook that will get cemented in your head. They all hold onto that distinctive sound she’s implemented into her music since the beginning but she’s visibly grown as an artist since that first EP. This album is HUGE and is going to see everyone talking about Alex Lahey so don’t sleep on her or this cool record.


You can catch Alex Lahey this October on her national “I Love You Like A Brother Tour”. Check out the dates here;

Wednesday 4 October – 48 Watt Street, Newcastle
Friday 6 October – Oxford Art Factory, Sydney
Saturday 7 October – The Zoo, Brisbane
Wednesday 11 October – Karova Lounge, Ballarat
Thursday 12 October – Workers Club, Geelong
Friday 13 October – Fat Controller, Adelaide
Saturday 14 October – Republic Bar, Hobart
Wednesday 18 October – Corner Hotel, Melbourne
Thursday 19 October – The Rosemount Hotel, Perth
Friday 20 October – Mojo’s, Fremantle
Ticket info available at



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