ALBUM REVIEW: Miley Cyrus – Younger Now


Throughout her career Miley Cyrus has reinvented herself multiple times but the most drastic change came in 2013 during her “Bangerz” era where she did everything possible to shock and impress you. And it worked. But now for her sixth studio album she has gone back to her roots to rediscover herself. “Younger Now” hears Miley stripping it back with a country meets folk-pop delivery. The song’s hold onto her intimate and vulnerable lyrics that her last album perfected but instead theres no gimmicks added. It’s just her… raw, honest and 110% herself. Album opener and title track “Younger Now” is the biggest grower on the record. At first I found it a bit anti-climatic after the blissfully perfect “Malibu” but what this song perfects is that stare out of the window pop. When you listen to this song you instantly tune out from everything else happening around you and for that 4:09 minutes you are totally invested. And she continues that on the beautifully tragic love songs “Week Without You”, “I Would Die For You” and “Miss You So Much” which are some of the strongest tracks on the collection. “Thinkin” offers the most upset track which could’ve easily been a B-SIDE on “Bangerz” with it’s more contemporary production style. It’s super catchy and could be a potential future single. Sometimes this folk meets country sound can be a bit hit and miss and “She’s Not Him”, “Inspired” and “Rainbowland” are sadly victims of being forgettable. I really wanted the Dolly Parton collaboration to be an iconic moment but instead it’s one that deserves the skip button. “Love Someone” grows on you after a couple of listen but “Bad Mood” will be instantly stuck in your head and will be one you quickly identify with. “I always wake up in a bad mood. I can never fall asleep, I’m always thinkin’ bout you. What life would be if we didn’t meet”. Her vocals have never sounded stronger or more fitting. This was truly the music she was meant to create and while it may not be potentially chart-topping that is okay because she’s created a pretty great record instead. Yes it may have a couple of skip-worthy tracks but that usually comes with the genre so it was expected.




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