ALBUM REVIEW: Demi Lovato – Tell Me You Love Me

demi lovato

It’s only taken Demi Lovato six studio albums to find herself but she’s finally done it. “Tell Me You Love Me” is a triumphant collection of heartfelt soul-pop ballads with a couple of experimental bops thrown into the mix. It may not be flawless but it’s her most consistent work to date proving to fans and critics alike that she’s finally found herself. The album explores her break up with her ex-fiancé, finding her confidence within herself again and then delves into more personal topics like her previous substance abuse. Her vocals have always been strong but with this shift of musical direction they are stronger and more prominent. Lead single and album opener “Sorry Not Sorry” is one of a kind on this record. There’s no other club banger like it except for the try hard “Sexy Dirty Love” which ends up coming across tacky and forgettable. Title track “Tell Me You Love Me” is the strongest song on the album and introduces a soulful and gospel influence to her music. Your heart will break while listening to it but that just means she’s succeeded in captivating that emotion. The self reflection track “You Don’t Do it For Me” is the albums biggest grower. At first I didn’t love this song but the soul and RNB production along with her flawless vocals finally won me over. “Daddy Issues” combines the two sounds with a ballad production during the verses before a 80’s inspired synth pop delivery takes over during the chorus. Musically it kinda gives me Carly Rae Jepsen vibes except I’m not sure if she would sing about daddy issues. The adult contemporary pop sound is experimented further on “Only Forever” and the controversial (and one of my favourites) “Ruin The Friendship” which is rumoured to be about her feelings towards close friend Nick Jonas. “Your body’s looking good tonight, I’m thinking we should cross the line. Let’s ruin the friendship”. She offers an RNB delivery on “Lonely” which reminds me a lot of Ariana Grande’s “Let Me Love You” before stripping it down on “Concentrate” which is driven by a guitar and a vocal echo. However this new sound does see track like “Cry Baby”, “Games” and Hitchhiker” become forgettable with their average production and structure. But for Demi 8 good songs out of 12 is very god and surprising cause usually her albums are riddled with flaws. Musically this is definitely her most consistent and her strongest record to date and she will leave you impressed.





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