SINGLE REVIEW: P!NK – Beautiful Trauma


There’s no hiding that P!nk’s latest single “What About Us” was a bit of a flop on the charts. Yes, it still went number one but the impact was significantly less than her previous lead singles. It quickly got wiped off the top of the charts a week later by Taylor Swift and hasn’t reclaimed the position since. With her seventh studio album just around the corner she has decided to drop a new single to try and reignite the flame. “Beautiful Trauma” successfully does that with it’s perfect blend of vulnerability and classic P!nk attitude that we’ve come to know and love over the years. The fiery and heartfelt track looks at how traumatic life can be but yet how beautiful it is as well. It embodies a blend of both emotions and has you captivated instantly with it’s impressive production and unique structure. The song begins with a string arrangement that sounds like it came straight out of a Disney movie and then goes into a simplistic piano ballad. At this moment on my first listen I was like “oh here we go again, snooze” but then the beat dropped and old P!nk made a comeback. It jumps between these two sounds and has you living for the electronic-rock production but also appreciating the more vulnerable piano chorus.




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