E^ST is an artist that a lot of people in the Australian music industry have been talking about over the past year. After having massive success with her third EP “Get Money!” she has been extensively touring and working on new music to keep the momentum building. Her new single “Life Goes On” hears the songstress attempting to go towards a more anthemic and euphoric pop sound however the delivery is very average. The song fails to embody the emotions that you are meant to be feeling. The reflective and powerful lyrics look at memories of someone you used to know and admitting that you miss them but knowing that you have to let them go. It should be emotional and showcase a growth in her production and vocals but instead it sounds very rough, as if it hadn’t been properly mastered yet. Her vocal production is also very poor with her pronunciation of particular words throwing the delivery off. It’s not polished enough to have that impact you expected or wanted. It’s an average song that had the potential with a chorus that was created to be shouted at a festival. Will that dream happen? Who knows.


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