SINGLE REVIEW: Banks – Underdog


“The Altar” was one of the best records of 2016 and Banks has spent the majority of this year playing those songs to sold out crowds across the world. So how has she had time to record new music? I have no idea but “Underdog” is the fiery new track that sees her once again channeling the angst she cemented on “Fuck With Myself” and “Gemini Feed”. The song looks at a partner she had who had no self confidence and saw himself as a underdog. “Even though I got a reputation unaccompanied baby you could make this, baby you could make it as the underdog”. The track continues the electronic alternative-pop sound that “The Altar” revolved around and could easily be mistaken as a b-side. But this song does hold it’s own for the majority of its duration. Her fierce vocal delivery and the experimental “Rah’s” that occur throughout the verses will have you instantly intrigued but it’s the chorus that is slightly anti-climatic. It grows on you with each listen but with such strong verses I did expect more of a moment. However it will be the perfect addition to her live shows.




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