SINGLE REVIEW: Sampson – Shake The Fire


After listening to “Shake The Fire” for the first time I only had two questions.

1. Who is Sampson?
2. Where has she been hiding?!

The Canadian songstress left me impressed, in awe and wanting more after listening to her debut single. The vibey track channels a production style similar to Vera Blue and Maggie Rogers with it’s indie-pop roots and electronic elements. The song begins stripped back with a raw guitar and spacious keys before her echoing vocals entrance you. Adding in a kickdrum during the bridge, the chorus then incorporates synths and bigger drums to create a special indie-pop moment. The song has a raw emotion surrounding it which stems from the loss of her grandfather. Lyrically it looks at not having control over timing or anything in life. It’s an honest, vulnerable and emotional song that has a therapeutic, mending and reflective feel to it because of the production and the open lyrics. Her vocals are angelic in parts and empowering in others and while she may be hurting she sounds strong. From a first listen I was sold. By a second listen I was in love. And that’s just her debut single, I’m so ready to hear what else she has prepared.




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