SINGLE REVIEW: Ecca Vandal – Future Heroine

future heorine

The truth is, you can’t place Ecca Vandal in any category. The genre defying artist from Melbourne has created a unique fusion of rock, hip-hop, punk, pop, ska and electronica that you will find hard to describe to anyone other than “oh, that’s just Ecca Vandal”. Citing influence from Gwen Stefani you can hear early No Doubt in her vocal techniques and gritty production but she takes it to the next level. What I love about her is that you never know what you’re going to get. From the Hip-Hop meets rock track “Father Hu$$la” to the more pop inclined “End Of Time” to the punk roots of “Broke Days, Party Nights” she consistently delivers strong hooks and memorable tunes. With the announcement of her debut self titled album which will be released on October 20 she has also dropped a new single. “Future Heroine” sees her evolving once again to deliver a rock track that channels a slightly glossy Charli XCX influenced hook (her “Sucker” album era). Kicking off the verses with a commanding drum pattern that sounds very similar to Kanye West’s “Black Skinhead” and Marilyn Manson’s “Beautiful People” she instantly hooks you in. Whilst adding in heavy guitars during the chorus the production gets a coat of pop gloss which helps make the hook get stuck in your head. “Woah, slow down. I wont be your future heroine. Hey, calm down. Can’t go shooting of that fairytale”. After a first listen I liked it but after a second listen I was hooked. It perfectly combines all the elements that you’ve loved about her leading up to this moment and just gives you a kick ass song.


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