SINGLE REVIEW: Cardi B – Bodak Yellow

cardi b

I like to think I’m pretty in the loop when it comes to music but over the past couple of weeks I’ve found myself questioning multiple times “who the fuck is Cardi B” and “why is everyone going ape shit crazy about her?”. So turns out the New York reality TV star turned rapper has not only de-throned Taylor Swift and topped the charts in the US but has also broken the record in the UK for the first female rap single to reach number one on the TOP 100 since Lauryn Hill in 1998. That’s a massive deal and to be honest I’m quite confused as to how this has happened and how Nicki Minaj or Missy Elliott haven’t reached that yet. “Bodak Yellow” is a strong rap track that focuses on her hard rap delivery and honest lyrics. The track narrates her time as a stripper and how she’s cemented herself as a legitimate rapper through a tireless work ethic. For the production she has sampled Kodak Black’s track “No Flockin” but the beat actually sounds quiet similar to Nicki Minaj’s “Only”. She also has a similar rap flow and vocal delivery to Minaj and an unexpected ear could honestly mistake the two. It’s a track that grows on you after a couple of listens. After all it was first released in June and is only just receiving traction now. The track is good don’t get me wrong but is it record breaking worthy? I’m going to have to say no. It’s a strong rap track but doesn’t have that extra element that makes it next level memorable. But what does make it good is her honest and empowering narrative.


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