ALBUM REVIEW: The Killers: Wonderful Wonderful

the killers

For their fifth studio album The Killers have gone back to their roots to deliver a sound you didn’t realise you missed so much. “Wonderful Wonderful” hears them recreating the magic that their first two records captivated and offers a new mature insight into their lives and political opinions. The album contains some of their best songs in the last 10 years and hears them perfecting a sound that will see them headlining arenas again. Kicking the proceedings off with the melodramatic (and slightly underwhelming) title track the band gives you a nostalgic old school rock sound. Quickly changing it up with a groovy electronic synth-rock sound “The Man” delivers you quirky lyrics that you can vividly imagine lead vocalist Brandon Flowers strutting around singing to. The albums sound then shifts again with the empowering “Rut” which looks at his wife getting stuck in a depressive state and needing encouragement to push through to be there for her loved ones. This song is performed from her perspective.“But don’t give up on me cause I’m just in a rut. I’m climbing but the walls keep stacking up”. It’s a very heavy and emotional song but also a very important one for the open narrative that this record is paving. They then revisit this topic on “Some Kind Of Love” which is from the families perspective. Their children sing the outro as a plea to their mother after she expressed suicidal thoughts. “Can’t do this alone, we need you at home. There’s so much to see, we know that you’re strong”. It’s an utterly heartbreaking and emotional song which is moving and beautiful. The strong emotional rock tracks keep coming with exploration of trust and love on “Call My Name” and one of my personal favourites “Out Of Mind Mind”.

The political glam rock sound comes out full steam blazing on the anthemic “Run For Cover”. Lyrically it pays homage to the current situation that America is in with their President and while they poke fun at him they also declare the genuine fear the public has. “He got a big smile, he’s fake news” // “I saw my mother on the street last night all pretty and strong, singing ‘the road is long’. I said Momma I know you’ve tried but she fell on her knees and cried”. Also can I just say that the chorus is absolute killer (no pun intended). “Tyson Vs Douglas” compares the historical boxing match to being saddened by someone else’s pain and feeling let down. It’s lyrical structure was quite different and intriguing. However the guitar heavy “The Calling” was a bit anti-climatic as well as the album closer “Have All The Song’s Been Written” which had a nice sentiment but lacked in it’s delivery.

At a length of 10 songs the record is quite short but they hold onto your attention for the full 43 minute duration. The sound bounces between anthemic electronic rock and empowerful rock ballads with touching lyrics and emotive storylines. They’ve proved yet again why they are one of the most loved bands and while their last record didn’t make the impact they expected it to this album makes up for it. The Killers are well and truly back and if you can make space to sit down and properly listen to this album then you will end up feeling the exact same way. There may be three tracks which are underwhelming but a 7/10 is still a decent ratio.




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