Noah Cyrus is one of the most exciting newcomers in 2017 and she’s proving that by continually releasing impressive and mature tracks. “Make Me (Cry)” and “Stay Together” are strong lead singles while “I’m Stuck” delivered country-dance realness and “Almost Famous” served pure emotion. With her debut album “NC-17” expected before the end of the year she has randomly dropped yet another track. “Again” is her most controversial to date. And it’s not because she’s doing anything weird or gimmicky but instead it’s in reference to her guest feature. Florida rapper XXXtentacion has multiple assault charges under his belt and is currently awaiting to hear his fate after allegations surrounding him beating and raping his (then) girlfriend. So to have him feature on Noah Cyrus’ new single isn’t the best timing or the best career move as it sort of glorifies his actions. However if we put this aside and just focus on the music then you will notice this his part isn’t that major and that it’s actually a good song. The RNB and electronic pop crossover is the closest production wise that we’ve heard her come to “Make Me (Cry)”. It’s very experimental and channels an almost Halsey vibe. The track looks at a lover calling it quits and asking to just be friends and the emotions you have over hoping they will regret their decision. “Cause one day you’ll wake up, and then you’ll say, I wanna be your lover I don’t wanna be your friend. You don’t know what you got ’till it’s gone my dear. So tell me that you love me again”. It’s quite emotional and while it’s not stripped back and in a raw form like “Almost Famous” the addition of production makes this song quite different and stand out. She could’ve almost cut out XXXtentacion’s feature as it’s so brief and average that no one would’ve thought any differently if she just added a verse. But otherwise it’s a really good song, not her strongest but not her worst.


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