SINGLE REVIEW: Miley Cyrus – Week Without You


Miley Cyrus is an artist who continually grows as an artist and manages to keep transforming her sound authentically. She’s never been one to do things just because she’s told to and her sixth studio album “Younger Now” sees her sticking to those beliefs. With the new record only a week away she has released a fourth and final promotional single which hears her returning to her country roots. Cinematically opening like an original Disney movie “Week Without You” hears her returning to her country roots. The pre-break up track fantasises about spending time away from her lover but knowing she’d miss him too much. “I know that I gave you my heart but you stomped it to the ground. And that’s what’s got me wondering what it’s like to not have you around”. If we minus “Malibu” out of the equation then this is my favourite promotional song that she’s released for this record. It’s so genuinely her and beautifully honest that she has you entranced immediately. She’s managed to create the perfect “stare out of the window” sound and vibe and this song whole heartedly lives and breathes that. Her vocals are so beautiful and relaxed and in this moment I’m just totally in awe of her.




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