SINGLE REVIEW: Gwen Stefani feat. Blake Shelton – You Make It Feel Like Christmas


In my opinion it is way to early for Christmas songs but if any one is going to sway my thoughts it’s going to be Gwen Stefani. For her fourth solo album she is getting into the holiday spirit (very early) with a collection of Christmas song favourites as well as some exciting new originals. The lead single sees her teaming up with her boyfriend Blake Shelton for the ridiculously cute title track “You Make It Feel Like Christmas”. The classic rockabilly Christmas production is driven by a strong baseline and guitar riffs with bellowing drums, big horns and smooth harmonies. It has such a euphoric feel to it which will have you smiling and feeling all warm instantly. Their obvious chemistry makes the harmonies that little bit extra gooier and the lyrics that little bit sweeter. “Sweet gingerbread made with molasses, my heart skipped and I reacted. Can’t believe that this is happening like a present sent from God. Sleigh bells singing hallelujah, stars are shining on us too. I wanna thank you baby, you make it feel like Christmas”. Behind all the Christmas production is a an honest and touching love song that you can’t help but just love. Stefani’s vocals are as strong and quirky as ever and truly take lead on this track. I low key hate that I love a Christmas song so much this early in the year.



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