SINGLE REVIEW: Alma feat. French Montana – Phases


Even with 55,876,023 plays on Spotify I’m still going to go ahead and say that ALMA’s “Chasing Highs” is one of the most underrated songs of the year. Only because it deserves even more streams and radio airplay than it already has got. That song was brilliant from the honest lyrics to the immaculate production and pure pop vocal delivery. The Finnish songstress is ready to back it up with follow up single “Phases” which sees her teaming up with rap heavyweight French Montana. Slightly toning down the electronic influence this song takes on a heavier pop production while holding onto her dance roots. The song looks at getting drunk, high and making mistakes because that’s what life is all about. “We got too drunk, we got too high, fell in love when we were faded. Don’t make this complicated. You were just one of my phases”. It’s a super fun track that perfectly captivates the carefree spirit that she is lyrically delivering through vibrant production and strong vocals. French Montana’s feature is brief but adds a cool texture to the track. From a first listen it will be stuck in your head and it will continually be cemented every time you press play (which will be a lot). She really is an artist you need to keep an eye on because from her attitude filled debut EP to these radio ready singles she isn’t messing around.





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